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Stunning Natural Photographs

Are you ready to surround yourself with things you love, that bring you joy, that state who you are, that add color to every corner of your life? 

There is nothing like a stunning natural photograph to add color and beauty to your home or office. Please take a photographic journey with us and choose those pictures that evoke joy and adventure in YOUR mind!

All pictures are available for sale in full jpg format--and in the size and format of your choice--at 
(see note about these compressed photos below)


Seasonal Delights
New York Botanical Garden Orchids
CT Azaleas
Four Seasons in New England 

American Follies 
Kayak Paddles
The Adirondacks


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The American Southwest and Great West
Bryce, Zion,Capitol Reef
New Mexico  
Utah-Monument Valley  
Wyoming to Utah  
  European Travels
Across Canada

***A word about 'gifs'. All the pictures on this site, with the exception of the top border photos, are compressed 'gifs'. In order to fit hundreds of pictures on this website, and still allow the viewer to download the site in a reasonable amount of time, all these pictures have been 'flattened' from jpgs to gifs. 

Jpgs are files that have the full complement of colors, light and shadow, as you can see in the top 7 border pictures. Gifs have been drastically reduced in file size to expedite downloading the website. 

So, add your own depth of imagination to these pictures, and enjoy the tour. Or better yet, contact Melissa to buy one and put it somewhere where you'll enjoy looking at it every day! 

All pictures are available for sale in full jpg format--and in the size and format of your choice--from Melissa at

   And if you'd like to have one of these photographs interpreted in an oil or pastel painting for that special spot in your home or office, just contact Melissa at     All photographic images can be painted, in any size you'd like.  

Photographs Copyright 2005 Melissa Thornton.. All rights reserved. All images on this site are protected by United States and international copyright law. Any reproduction, display, printing, or editing of these materials, by any means, without the express written permission of Melissa Thornton is strictly prohibited.


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