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"Speaking of 'terrific', I have shown off my necklace twice now ---- Easter Sunday and today at a luncheon!  It has been widely admired!! It’s just so special and I’m thrilled to have it!!  Of course, I tell admirers all about you and your website!!" 
Cathy Trauernicht, Potomac, MD

This custom necklace, a five strand braided creation of two strands of golden topaz , one strand of rose quartz, one strand of pink coral and one strand of peridot chips, was created in a partnership between Cathy and Melissa, which started in March of this year. Here's how it went:
First, we had a conversation in February that Cathy had two suits that needed adornment, and that it might be nice to have one necklace that included both colors. She took digital pictures of the two suits--next and below--and sent them via email.


Cathy wrote:"attached are photos of my two jackets.  I hope there aren’t too many for downloading;  there are 9.  The green doesn’t show very well, but I think you can get the idea that it’s a soft green.  The close-up shot of the green fabric looks almost white, so that’s not very accurate".
Melissa noted that the jackets were made by Talbot's and went to Talbot's to see if she could see the green suit in person. No luck! So she put together some combinations of yellow and pink, and took pictures to send to Cathy, via email, for her feedback.
Melissa asked Cathy to choose some favorite types of necklaces, and to measure her neck for the perfect length. Cathy's reply: "Here are the two designs + colors I like most from your site:  the 18” three-strand Baltic Amber choker (probably the “golden” and “honey” colors, which sound like they’re on the lighter color side), and the 18” three-strand Citrine choker (pretty yellows), the peridot green (again, seems on the lighter side), and some of the pinker stones of watermelon tourmaline. Can you assemble some of these colors and just lay them out on a table for a picture?  If the colors work together, then I’d order an 18” three-strand choker.
Below are the pictures of the jewelry choices.

Cathy: "They are all lovely!!  I’m partial to the stones that look like “rocks” …. the jagged edged ones, rather than the rounded ones.  I’ll call you in the next day or two.  What time of day is best?   Thank you SO much for helping me!!!!" 

And the color choices were whittled down:

And Cathy's response:

Thanks for putting together the stones.  I love your colors!!!  I do know that I prefer “chips” (or square-ish) to rounded stones. And I’d like to have yellows dominate the color scheme, with some pink and green interspersed.   If you have time to put another sample together --- with “chips”, mostly yellows with some pinks and light greens --- please send a picture.

And the pictures:

So the chips were gathered and a picture sent, and it was just what Cathy was looking for, so Melissa set aside time to assemble the necklace components, string the chips, finish with gold-filled clasp and closure, and Cathy wore the necklace for Easter, 2006!

More Custom Stories Coming Soon


          Please contact Melissa for information about custom work. She can 'build' a piece of jewelry to your precise specifications, or alter a current piece of jewelry to match your needs perfectly. 

       If you have a vision of a piece of jewelry you would love to have, just let me   know. If I can create it for you, I will be delighted to. If not, I have a vast network of jeweler colleagues and I will search for such a piece for you.  

          If you admire an item that has been SOLD, just let us know and we will make something as similar to it as possible.

      We can also provide specific photographic and oil and pastel art work to enhance your home or office surroundings.



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